Saturday, February 2, 2013


After about 8 months of no scrapbooking, I took out all my favorite messy craft supplies and created a page called Labrynth.  Boy did it feel good to get scrapbooking again! I cannot express the kind of joy that I got from it.  I felt so much excitement and so much creativity that had just been screaming to get out! 

The main thing I wanted to do on this page is create a strong contrast.  Keeping the background dark and the foreground bright.  I used distressing techniques to make the rough edges and used inks to make it look aged.  A small piece of toille print for the top corner has a columned structure on it similar to the one in the photos.  The photos are matted with a yellow print that I toned down with distress ink, so it matches the look of the other papers. And I finished it off with ribbons and flowers to match my color pallete.

The journaling says "Epcot 2012", "English Garden Maze", "Adrian told Alexandra that this was called a Labrynth!".  The photos were taken at the England pavillion at Epcot Center.  The children loved this little area off from the main path.  They played for more than an hour just chasing each other through the maze.