Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tim Holtz Class: Patchwork Pandemonium

This past weekend I got to take a class with the Amazing Tim Holtz. I had so much fun! He is just amazing and his products are so unique and one of a kind that I find myself thirsting for more more more! Here is a picture of Tim, Mario and I at the event.

In this class we got to learn technique after technique after technique! I was giddy with excitement for the entire 4 hours! Little squares were inked, distressed, painted, sanded, embellished, crackled, and so much more. And at the end they fit together into this amazing quilt that I can display with pride. Not only was it an amazing learning experience but so much fun at the same time.

Before the class, I waited in line with tons of people who were all baking in the hot florida sun, but stood in line just the same so they can be one of the first to see Tim Holtz! I made new friends in the line, including Laura who was so much fun!

Once we got to our seats, there was a prepacked kit with instructions at our table all ready to go with supplies and materials all sorted, labeled, and organized perfectly to ensure that the class goes smoothly. Thanks Mario!

The table was full of Tim's products including a craft sheet, 8 color coded ink applicators a spinning holder, several inks, acrylic paints, jars of crackle paints, a textured hammer, a piercing tool, a set of tonic scissors, and so many more goodies to play with.

The pace was good, and the class was easy to follow since Tim had a projector showing each step clearly. I was able to keep up with the class and get my project completed.

My favorite part of the class was getting to play with crackle paints. Its something I have not had a chance to use before. My least favorite part of the class was that the air conditioning was not working well and it was so very hot hot hot. But Tim was a good sport and made us all as comfortable as possible.

I can't wait to hang up my new Tim quilt. I am so proud of it. Thanks Tim and Mario for putting together an amazing class! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!


Anonymous said...

You should be proud; it's lovely! I've never had the chance to take a class with Tim, but come October that will be remedied, as I'm going on the cruise. Yea! Can't wait, and hopefully I'll have something as nice to take home.
Eileen in NYC

inge said...

Hello Ibis,

this seems a workshop I would like to follow too ! All the techniques and the quilt is a very nice result of all your work. I doubt I would be ready in four hours...

Did you use grungepaper or grungeboard for the quilt ? Maybe I give it a try on my own, cause a workshop with Tim here in Belgium is not possible ever, I'm afraid...:(

Enjoy your handwork !
greetings from Belgium

TrayChic said...

So cute! Did you get to keep all that product?! I'm so jealous that you got to meet Tim; he's next on my list :)