Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Liz Walters

Liz Walters is an amazing stamper and fellow fan of Tim Holtz. She has been stamping since 1996 and has the good fortune of being a personal friend and neighbor to Tim Holtz for almost 20 years. We are so proud to spotlight her today here on our site.


How I got started stamping. :
I started stamping after "being roped into" going to a SU party. I was hooked. I became a SU demo mostly to "keep up my habit". I was working full time as a RN, specializing in Labor and Delivery so my free time to be a demo was slim. I stopped being a demo and sometimes really miss it. It was a few years of only buying Stampin "up before I learned that there were "other stamps" besides SU. My friend Cara taught me how to stamp "outside the box" and a new world opened up to me. Tim Holtz is my friend and neighbor and we've known each other for over 15 years, way before he was a stamper. Once he learned to stamp he taught me so much. That was way before I had to pay for his knowledge!! All kidding aside...I love that man and his mind is always bursting with creativity. He is an inspiration and he told me that investing in Ranger products was the way to go and to this day I love all things Ranger.

Stamping Style:
I rarely do "cute" and I love the grunge type stamping that Tim has introduced to so many. I try to incorporate beeswax, gesso, acrylics and most all the different mediums into my stamping. I love to do a variety of styles and am always trying something new.

Published in:

* The Rubberstamper
* Vamp Stamp News

Stamp Preference: Mounted and Unmounted


* Rubber Stamp Company: Toy Box, Stampers Anonymous, Hero Arts, Tim Holtz, MaVinchi, Innovative Stamp Creations, Hearts in Touch, Paper Bag Studios, Tin Can Mail, Time to Stamp, Art by Moonlight, Chapel Road, Lazar Studio Werx Inc, Invoke Arts, Rachel Greig, Stamp Camp, Stampington and Co, Magenta, Rubber Romance, BeesWax, Rubbernecker and so many more that I can't think.
* Rubber Stamp Magazine: All of the Somerset Studio mags.
* Favorite Stamp: Sarah from Stampington & Co. R3150 (she looks just like me when I was 17!!)

Liz was kind enough to document how to make these beautiful rose flowers that Tim Holtz taught her to make out of GrungePaper. Click Below to download a copy of the instructions and feel free to share what you make by commenting below and writing in a link to your photos.



scrappin-scrappin said...

Thank you so much for the instructions!!! Awesome job! They are beautiful! I'm hopeing I will get a chance tonight to try make some! Thank you again!

inge said...

Hello Ibis,

thanks a lot for making the PDF Liz made for the grungepaper roses !
Sending the file to me had also failed the past days and I was happy to read that I wasn't the only one who had troubles and that there are people looking for a solution !!

I would have tried to make a rose myself, but seeing the document, they are made in a total different way that I would have thought of, so thanks for sharing ! This saves a lot of time for me...:)

In a few days I'll show you my Poppyflower and give a tutorial on this on my website. I let it know at ATT.

greetings from belgium

Theresa said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for us!

Gine said...

Gorgeous rose
Have ti try making them
Added you to my blog list

Have a wonderful weekend
Talk to you soon

Debra Mc said...