Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some fading and some not

I was a bit disappointed with my ornament experiment. Primarily with the STAZON inks. After having this ornament hanging from my car in the hot florida sun, the STAZON ink just would not stay on! By 6 weeks in the sun it was significantly faded and by eight weeks in the sun there was nothing left of my stamping. The acrylic ornament itself has warped just a little but that's not too bad. And the Prima Say it with Crystals only started falling after 6 months and that was after the baby rubbed them. The Super Seal did wonders with the photographs, they have not faded at all and still look great. The star performer of my little experiment is the Perfect Paper Adhesive liquid adhesive. It has held everything down just perfectly and nothing shows any signs of starting to peel. That stuff worked perfectly!

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