Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rusty Pickle Class with Lance Anderson

Oh my!  I had so much fun at the Rusty Pickle class with Lance Anderson, himself!  It was at my local scrapbook store, Cherry Blossom Studio.  We did this amazing chipboard mini book with a tropical theme.  The best part was a pop-up Tiki house!  You just have to look through the pictures to see what I mean.  It was just an amazing project!

Meeting Lance Anderson was a treat in itself.  He was such a normal chilled and laid back kind of guy.   So fun to talk to and so fun to craft with.  He shared his story of how he fell in love with paper design and started his company and is looking to keep things going via his blog.  He also shared a funny story about his black crop-a-dile tools.  One of my classmates asked how he got ones that were not pink and he said that he went back to the company that makes them and complained and complained until they made a pair in black just for him!  Funny story!

Much of our conversation was about literature.  Lance is an avid reader and loves getting book recommendations from the people he meets in his travels.  He highly recommended the book Ender's Game  by Orson Scott Card, especially as a great book for young boy readers.  I made a note of it to buy it for my son to read.  I think he's gonna like it.

Another really cool thing I learned about Lance Anderson is that he speaks Portuguese!  There were a couple ladies there from Brazil and he would speak to them in their language, and it won them over right away.  They had so much fun in the class too!

The project was a 5 page mini book.  Each page was the most amazing, thick chipboard!  Really sturdy!  We covered both sides of each page with rusty pickle patterened papers and stickers, and then added a Sizzix die cut popup house.  Used rafia to turn it into a super cool tiki hut, and completed the project with fibers all along the rings.  I just love my new mini book and cannot wait to take a vacation so I can use it!! lol!

So if you ever get a chance to meet Lance Anderson or take one of his amazing classes, I highly recommend it.  And be sure to ask him what he's been reading lately.

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