Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Breast Cancer: New Perspective

One really positive thing that one gains from being diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness is a new perspective on life. Suddenly things that were all-consuming and top priority in life may not be all that important anymore. You start to measure your success in life not by monetary gain, but by the relationships that you have made, the family that is standing beside you showing support, and the friends that send positive supportive messages.

It becomes so clear suddenly, what really matters in life, and what you hold most precious. Celebrate your riches, celebrate your ability to see things anew. Celebrate your new perspective.

Please join me in my fundraising activity benefiting the Susan Komen society.  Click on this link and give to their efforts to find a cure.  Any amount will do, even if you can only give very little.  You too can make a difference.  Please give what you can.

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